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Use Voice Control & your Smartphone

to command & schedule the cleaning, even if

you’re away!

Robot vacuum


  Vacuum cleaners 

Robot vacuum  is an electronic Gadget that can clean up your room, we have been using the hand held to clean our room thank to technology that make our life easy every day, do you want to get rest or don’t have time for all those task, then  the robot vacuum is here for you.


You can now use your smart phone to control it and schedule the time to start cleaning  even if you are not around at home you can download it mobile app and schedule the time to get start, it can clean all the dog hair, small particles and underneath chairs of the room and tables corner its program to detect the place that dirty and the place that need to be cleaning.


Vacuuming is boring, time-consuming, and doesn’t go along anymore with nowadays’ fast-paced society. save your time, do you want save time ? use robotic vacuum, who want  to waste time cleaning underneath the furniture and around every corner of the house when you can be doing other exciting things.



What i love for (robot vacuum)


  • App -available for OS and Android, and connect in real-time. You will be able to see what’s going on at home, check on your family, and talk to them, or even keep an eye on your pet and see how he is doing! They will never feel lonely again!

  • It super smart, for control You can call it to name and ask it to get started or to turn off so it can go to rest until you need it again.

  • Pet and cat love it and its good, very good for removing pet and cat hair from the carpet

  • 24/7. simply schedule the cleaning time even if you are not at home, just come back and see the cleaned home

  • If you are at home it will reduce the sound, maybe you are watching movies so it will not disturb you the sound will just turn like restaurant music.

  • It has a lot of technology, functionality and good price for its works


“Good job, huh? Learn more about all it features below and, if its what you are looking for, back it up, spread the voice and let it do what it do best, vacuum cleaning”


Robot vacuum and mop

It have 2 cleaning functions, sweeping (dry) and mopping (wet), which can be used individually or simultaneously, depending on your needs. The water tank for mopping has a capacity of 0.1 L. Choose the sweeping function to get rid of dust, human and pet hair, debris and other particles and choose the mopping one to clean stains. Combine the 2 together for deep cleaning.


Vacuum cleaner

Set of the Spot Mode for a deep clean performance in areas where there is a bigger concentration of dirt, cereals, crumbs or other particles. it will work on spiral movements within the limited area to pick up and clean those particles or stains.

The robot vacuum edge is no longer an issue  

With the Edge Mode, it can navigate along the wall spinning the brushes and picking up all dirt that tends to remain by the wall and around the corners.



With robot vacuum, cleaner dirt has no way to escape

You can switch to the Pure Suction Mode so the dirt would not be brushed away but sucked away. This mode saves battery because the main brush will not conduct any sweeping action. The route of this mode is the same as auto.

About the robot vacuums HE PA filter cleaner 

The HE PA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter is a type of mechanical air filter that traps fine dust mites, pollen particles, pet dander and other pollutants and harmful small particles that might cause allergies. A continuous use of the vacuum robot with the HE PA filter will keep the environment cleaner, diminishing allergy symptoms for allergy sufferers.


The robot vacuum auto return to charging base

The super-smart robot vacuum can find its way back to the charging base*. If it in the middle of a cleaning period and that is running out of battery, it will go back to the base to recharge the power and then, it will pick up right where it left off! No commands needed! And once the job is done, it navigates as well back to the charging base.

A manual charging mode is also available. Just connect the robot with the charging base manually, and make sure the light indicator is on.



The robot vacuum ground detector

If your home has stairs, do not worry, it can detect them using the front sensors to prevent falls and stop before it is too late. Instead, it will change the direction to keep cleaning elsewhere.



The robot vacuum anti-wall collision

The frontal sensors can detect the walls so it will not bump into them, it will simply approach to the wall to clean as much as possible, then it will avoid hitting  and will change the direction to keep cleaning.



The robot vacuum Climbing

Objects such as cables on the floor or carpets won’t stop it from finishing its tasks. it can climb over objects up to 8 mm height, moreover, it also has the ability to climb up to 15 degrees slope angle.





Excellent robot vacuum cleaner, There is wet cleaning, pour water in the counter and it wipes the floor, Vacuum cleaner perfectly works, the husk from the seeds removes with a bang. In the kit there are 2 spare brushes, two air filters, a faithful wall on the battery and 2 rags. Purchase is very satisfied, delivery by courier to the door in 6 days in King. I recommend the product, for such money a great purchase. many thanks to the seller

There is an instruction in the Russian language, it is grated and the selection of cleaning modes completely from the console, wet cleaning works well, coffee stains on the floor wipes normally, behind it leaves a wet trail. When the base found without problems, the front bumper works perfectly gently. Who needs such a vacuum cleaner take will not regret a good assistant.

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