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Adapt: Covid 19 crisis

First , realize that adapting your life to a new situation does not mean you have to give up on the plans and dreams you had before! You can keep the idea in mind, you just have to find new ways to achieve it. Adapting is not giving up, it’s improving, it’s overcoming. Adapting is making a plan better than it was before. So while you enter this new cycle, keep in mind that all you had in mind is going to be better!

But it can be complicated to admit that you have to readjust your plans. So to help you do so, I will give you some advice here my dear. There are few mains steps you should follow for Those steps are not only a way to adapt to a situation, but also to reach what I’d like to call a spiritual awakening.

And I will deal in more details about that at the nex post because it is the most important key of this moment my dear, and I want you to understand everything, point by point, in your our lifebefore we get to that point.

First of all, and it’s the most important thing, you need to accept the situation. I’m aware that this worldwide crisis is a really hard period for us. Sometimes you think “how did we end up like this?”, “how the world is going to be after this?”. You’re also convinced that it was better before, you look in the past and you feel a little bit nostalgic. Especially because you feel overwhelmed about how to find a place in this new world.

Well, you need to accept that change is part of life. You go from childhood to adulthood and with it comes a lot of changes, and the world does the same all around you. You can’t control those changes and, I agree, some of them are tougher than others, just like right now, but you can control the way they affect you. You can adapt to them. You have your place in any situation in this world!

But in order to find this place, you need to accept the situation. You can’t get along with those new circumstances if you fight against them And I can guarantee you that accepting the situation is the better way to joy and happiness my dear. Let me tell you a story to prove my point:

It was the story of two horses used to pull carts in a city. One didn’t want to do that job even though it was born in a farm where all the horses did that. It disobeyed its masters and struggled to pull the cart all day long. The other one, was doing a great job, it was born at the same fame but was happier than the other one. And when the rebellious horse asked how it could be so happy and satisfied the last horse answered: “Things are the way they are, I accept them, people are happy with my job and give me better food and reward. I can’t complain and I’m happy to make them happy.”

So you see, it’s all about accepting the situation! You’re more likely to get positive results if you send a positive energy. As we say “Be the change you want to see in the world”. If you want to get and see positive outcomes, you need to keep a positive mindset! That’s the second step!

In fact, as you already know, being positive, doing good things, are the best way to attract good things in return. So if you accept the situation, if you convince yourself that you can do it and that this new cycle is the perfect opportunity to start fresh, on strong and clean basis, then you’ll get positive outcomes!

I’m not saying it’s easy, and I’m not saying that you can never be sad, I’m saying that you need to expect and do positive things to attract more positiveness, from other people or thanks to other opportunities. And this is a very important thing to keep in mind if you want to see your dreams becoming true. Because you can’t achieve a dream or a goal without taking other people or the rest of the world into account. You need to adapt to it. And accepting it and being positive is the best adaptation possible.

Once you understand that you can’t control all the external factors influencing your life, you can let go a great amount of pressure. Because trying to control everything is impossible my dear, and it brings more stress and anxiety than it should. So right now, identify what you can and what you can’t control and repeat to yourself “I can’t control this, that’s ok, I accept it. I will adapt to this and make the best for myself”.

But even if you have to count on those external factors to achieve your life path, you have great powers within yourself to help you do so, and help you control what you can control as well: intuition, your 6th sense, all your skills and talents, they are all going to be very useful because they will guide you towards what you really want and can do my dear to start a new cycle.

You need to identify your skills, your qualities, abilities and talents. You already know what you’re good at, but you can also develop a lot of others! As soon as you can, find new activities you would like to do, learn. Maybe you won’t like it in the end, or won’t be able to go further, but at least you will know what to expect! And it’s the safest way to start a new plan: knowing if you can do it, and what to expect.


But you don’t only have practical skills to help you, you can also rely on your intuition my dear. You have it within you and you can really develop it and make it a useful tool! It will guide you towards the right directions if you know how to listen to it.

If you’re not comfortable with using your intuition to focus on big plans right now you can “train it” through daily tasks.

For example, if you’re wondering what time it is, you can try to guess before you check. If you receive a message, try to guess who sent it to you and what for before reading it.

Once you feel more confident about this, here’s how it could help you accomplish your goals:

  • Identify the choices you have to make or the solutions you have to pick;
  • Close your eyes in a quiet place and take deep breaths. Clean your mind from any other thoughts, just focus on what you want;
  • Say out loud the first choice coming to your mind. The first thing you think about is usually what you really want, what your feeling tells you to do;
  • Write it down and analyze the actual situation. Keep in mind that your choices should always be realistic. It’s hard to admit but it would be a waste of time to try and do something unrealistic, and it would lead to bigger disappointments. But don’t worry, this step and your stronger intuition will keep you from going through this;
  • Now, close your eyes and take deep breaths again:
  • Say what you have in mind out loud again: after having analyzed the situation, the solution could still be the same for you, or it could also have changed, in any case, this last choice was a call from your intuition based on your situation and if you use it the right way, you’ll definitely see an improvement in your path!
    Now that you freed yourself from unnecessary pressure and start to develop your skills and intuition, you can reevaluate the plans you had in mind before everything happens, and adapt them to this new situation. And of course, you can find new ones, better ones!

So, to sum up, here’s what you need to keep in mind every time you’ll have to adapt to a new situation, a new cycle:


  • Accept the situation;
  • Stay positive;
  • let go what you can’t control;
  • Identify your skills and qualities;
  • Identify what you really want now;
  • Set your plans according to the situation


Here, I gave you the most important information so you understand why we’re entering a new cycle and how to adapt to it. Keep in mind that a cycle is all about ending and beginning over and over, more or less differently. And that means that you will enter other cycles again at some points in your life. Even if the circumstances are intense right now, you can still come back to this study in the future if you want to adapt to a new situation!

Thank you for reading, I hope you stay safe in this situation of covid 19 crisis ? please help me share this, I want it to reach 1000 people this months.


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