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Dyson fans review

My Dyson fan review and all you need to know 

Dyson fans have patent air multiplier technology to create a powerful stream of interrupted airflow what amazing is that this airflow continuously without a fast-spinning blade that one may wonder how and where these air started to flow from this make it very safe  for children pet and during cleaning


What do you need to need to know about it?

(Dyson fans review)

Create your powerful without fast-spinning blade making it safe for child and pet, remote control with 10 precise airflow settings, sleep timer, on/off and oscillation control, stream air channels for reducing air follow turbans make the AM06 75 % quit than AM01,  air follow can be direct around the room one touch for smooth oscillation, pivot its own center of gravity to direct cool air where you need it’s very easy to clean  and has a two-year warranty


Dyson fans 

  1. Safe for children and pet
  2. Safe during cleaning
  3. Uninterrupted airflow
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Easy to use
  6. Durability
  7. Powerful airflow on a desk
  8. Fast even room heating


Main feature 

  • It has sleeping timer and auto turn off
  • Remote control and 10 precise air follow setting
  • Two-year warranty when purchased from an authorized seller
  • Curve and magnetized
  • 8X12X19.7 inches
  • Noise level 75 % quitter
  • Energy efficiency 30 % less power consume
  • Oscillation control
  • 64 pounds


Dyson fans video review

Dyson fans review

What customers are saying about it


Buy now from an authorized seller


This item can be shipped only within the U.S and to APO/FPO Shipment address this item can be ship to a selected country outside United States, it has up to two years warranty


My final words 

Dyson Air multiplier AM06 10 Inches table fan works very differently from a convenient fan it use air multiplier technology to draw in air and amplify it 15 times projecting smooth quit powerful high-velocity airflow without use of blades the cool air just like air condition



Q: Does this fan make sound and how easy to clean the blade?

A: There are no blade so simply a swipe around the inside circle keeps it clean

Q: What is the range of air follow?

A: Feel it like 2.3-meter airflow from me on my room and at maximum speed it has 1 to 10 setting of air follow

Q: What is the input?

A: It has 110V US Standard and 220V UK with different price

Q: is this a substitute for a big air condition?

A: its depend on how much space you want cool but I work with 100 sq  ft and it circulates the air well

Q: Do you allow free return on these products

A: no

Q: How does this affect my utility bills?

A: It’s negligible



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