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Desk exercise bike review

This one is very good for those people that sitting at a desk for a long period of time if you eager to jog  at home without going some far to pump of your blood it’s the right one for you whether you want burn calorie, weight lost, have diabetes or simply because of exercise I highly recommending this product for you

What I love for this desk exercise bike

It fit under any desk you will pedal away as you go with another task very quit that can interfere with any anyone it has a function that tells you how far pedal and how many calories burn the desk cycle is little but worth its price that few coworkers may want chip together


Commonly used of desk exercise bike

  1. Quick and easy setup
  2. Simple power setting
  3. Easy to read display
  4. Convenient cardio solution
  5. Stay active at home or at the office
  6. Track your activity distance travel, calories burned, the time elapsed, stride per minute
  7. Workplace fitness
  8. Physical therapy
  9. Real-time result
  10. AMP up work style
  11. Share with the entire family

How the desk cycle help me

I have been using it at work every day. I keep it at low tension and pedal as I read documents and dealing with emails, It is quiet and comfortable. My feet are swollen when I sit all day, but no swelling when I pedal. I also don’t feel all crippled up when I get up from my seat when I use it (as I do when just sitting). It was delivered ahead of time also. I would recommend it to you.


Main feature

  • LCD Display
  • Bi-Directional Stride Motion
  • Adjustable velco straps
  • 8 magnetic resistant level to choose from



What I don’t like about it may charge $200 including shipping cost but know where else you can get it less than this price and it may have 1-year warranty but it worth its price, what is $200 for this product imagine I want to invest in my health for over a long period of time by using it, this type is quality one compare to the others that are cheap and the price is little different

Desk exercise bike video review

What customer are saying about it



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Final words about this exercise bike

Stay active at the office the desk cycle keep you focus and productive burn your calories it’s very quiet the pedal motion is designed to make your joint great so that you can focus on your work, design with a very easy challenging range of pedal exercise LCD Display show speed, time, distance, calories, and scan online calorie burned calculator I highly recommend this  product for you



Q: Has anyone lost any weight using this daily?

A: Yes

Q: What results have you had from using the desk cycle exercise bike?

A:  I’ve used mine for 2 days now. I basically pedal for an hour on resistance level 3, and then take an hour break while standing at my desk. (trying to avoid sedentary sitting). According to the Desk Cycle website calculator, I’m burning around 190 calories each hour that I use the machine. So if I pedal for an hour & alternate that with standing for an hour throughout my 8 hour day, then I will have pedaled a total of 4 hours each day and burned almost 800 calories total! As long as I don’t pig out on a bunch of junk food, I anticipate that I will lose a bit of weight if I stick to this plan as many days during the week as possible. I’ll try to remember to come back and post my results after this first month

Q: Does it come fully assembled?
A: It does not come fully assembled. However, it is easy assembly – no more than 15 min to assemble, and everything needed for assembly is included with the bike.

Q: It seems the resistance level you dial-in has no effect on the calories indicated? Does it assume you’re on level 8 all the time?

A: Calculating actual calories burned requires knowing the power you are putting into the bike. No bike in the price range of the Desk Cycle measures power, as a bike that does this would cost several hundred dollars. So for bikes that don’t measure power, the pedal speed is approximated by the RPMs.
So, in an effort to keep our prices as low as possible for our customers, we decided to leave this feature out. We could implement this in the future, though, for a more expensive model of the Desk Cycle.
In the meantime, you can manually calculate how many calories you’ve burned by entering your ride information into our calorie calculator which can be found here:
If you have any future questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to contact us directly at

Q: On a scale of 1-10, how noisy is this? Would like this if it could not be heard by the offices that are right next to mine 🙂

A: I would rate it at one. This will not be heard by the offices right next to you. Very quiet.

Q: How does level 8 (highest resistance) compare to the speeds on a 21-speed bike? I need extremely compact, but as an athlete require an intense work/O

A:  pedal at resistance level 7 (out of 8) but I’d have a hard time getting an “intense workout.” At most, the intensity reaches a low to medium speed jog. The problem is you can’t spin hard and fast on the Desk Cycle. There are two problems: 1) The position is awkward. If you’ve ever gone from an upright cycle to a recumbent cycle, you’ll notice that you can’t pedal as hard on a recumbent bike — you just can’t recruit the big muscles as easily as you’re pushing horizontally and vertically. 2) My thighs are already brushing the bottom of my desk and it takes a minor amount of concentration to keep my rolling chair from moving. If I were to pedal hard and fast, I’d likely be unable to work because my hands would move away from the keyboard (or the keyboard would move away from my hands

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