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How to get a free credit card?

Getting U.S Dollar credit card had never been easy whether you  are a businessman  student retailer or online shopper, freelancer, etc. this credit card is the best for you they offer the service that you may not get it elsewhere and they will give you free credit card/master card  that you May use everywhere around the world

Open u.s bank account online

(My Payoneer master card review)

It’s a cross border payments platform empowers business, online sellers and freelancer to pay and get paid globally as easily as they do locally

They offer to receive accounts which enable you to receive local bank transfer from companies and market place in the US, UK, EU, Japan Canada Australia, and Mexico directly to your account

All you need to know before you open this us bank account

No long process, No paperwork, You only need any government id including international passport, driving license or voters card to get verify and remove your limitation, you must get this otherwise your account will be deactivated


How do you benefit?

  1. Reduce your payment fees increase: increase your earnings by reducing your payment fees by up to 71%
  2. Accept payment in more currencies: Accept payment in USD, EUR, GBP, GBY, JPY, AUD, CAD, AND MXN as if you had a local bank account
  3. Office customers a simple way to pay: offer a simple quick and cost-effective solution for both you and your customers
  4. Get the help you need: Enjoy multilingual customer care 24 hours a day’s 7 days a week

I what Love for it

  • Quick payment when shopping online
  • Quick respond upon sign up approval
  • High quality and beautiful master card/credit card free + free shipping
  • The mobile app, to track your payment on the go
  • Withdraw your payment in your local currency from every ATM worldwide including Africa
  • Mobile app to track your balance on the go
  • Invoice generators’
  • Take control of your card to up off/on
  • Integration
  • Open your us bank account instantly and got it in two to three days + master card
  • Make payment and receive payment


How does it work?

  • Open your account you will receive an email confirmation, they may send you the form twice to make sure that you are serious check your mail regularly summit gain to confirm that you are serious
  • Get your international check accounts in two to three business days if you qualify
  • Receive payment of at least $25 from global payment
  • Get your master card + free shipping
  • Send fee to fee-free
  • Start sending and receiving payment online around the world
  • Pay your VAT free
  • Pay supplier
  • Withdraw your earning
  • Expand into the new market place
  • Connect with partners


What customers are saying

CEO co-founder of benzo 

My name is rattanachai thapanaphongme. I’m the owner of the benzo. I teach people how to be a top seller on amazon selling thai products. The office is on the Thonburi side of Bangkok, Thailand.

We founded the company in 2005. My vision is to teach thai people how to sell products abroad successfully with the right knowledge. My clients are in Thailand, us, England, and Australia, with a sales volume of $1,000 to $10,000 per month.

I heard about Payoneer from my friends in the eCommerce community

They suggested that I use Payoneer because it is good and easy to use, especially because we can withdraw money from the atm. Now I use to withdraw to the bank. I also request funds from clients who want to buy my product and transfer money to suppliers in order to send my products to Amazon or anywhere else.

Payoneer helps me save a lot of time

With my Payoneer account, I was provided with jpy and AUD virtual receiving accounts that I used for my amazon stores; avoiding the need to fly to these countries to get paid. Payoneer has helped me save months of travel time, which I can now spend with my family.

I’m very satisfied with Payoneer

I feel sure that my money won’t be lost from my Payoneer account. They have a good security system and also thai customer support. I’m sure that I will use Payoneer forever.



Get 25 to 30$ in your international account from global payment and receive an envelope with your master card and free shipping  including a tracking number  if you sign up here you will receive free $ 25 when your balance reaches $1000


Send my card now

What I don’t like about it

You have to receive at least $25 from the global payment before you qualify for their master card, it will take tree week to get your shipment, they will charge $0.5 only per transaction and $29 for an annual fee you can withdraw directly to your local account call wire transfer when you have at least $50 minimum, you can start fee to fee payment free minimum $50 but you need to receive at least $5000 before you start global payment


Final words

A full flatform design for need of today, get paid by any of the world-leading market places pay your supplier and VAT for free and manage multiple stores in one place  access working capital to invest back into your business and withdraw you’re earning in your country local currency even from Africa

End to end solution for freelancer and business providing service to client worldwide, whether you work with client directly or via freelance market place they provide multiple ways for you to get paid and pay

This account + master card help me grow my business I highly recommend it for you

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